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To my amazing Mortgage Broker (Tony) and incredible husband (Rainer),

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Well after 6 months of crazy stress and hard slog we all have each other to thank!

Firstly Tony, I knew when I first spoke to you over 3 years ago when you tried to help me get a car loan that you were a good guy!!

I knew we needed to go with you in order to get this home loan approved!!

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work you and the girls in your office, have put in to get this loan approved. This house was our dream come true and you made that happen for us!!

The day we found out we had approval Rainer and I cried and popped the champagne as all the weight came off our shoulders that day!!!!

I wish I lived in Sydney as there would be a serious lunch being had today! I will be up in Sydney in 3 weeks’ time, for a few days with work and would love it very much if I could thank you face to face!!!! Again, I can’t thank you enough!!

Now, secondly but not lastly my amazing man, rock and clever banking warrior, Rainer!!!

I knew all along you would also play a big part in helping everyone get the loan approved! We put it all on the line for our dream home and I remember you said to me, so ‘do you trust me’ and I said ‘yes’, if anyone can do this, you can! – I am so lucky to have you as my husband so thank you for every day I have with you!

I am sitting on my veranda feeling very blessed and lucky, but as you always say Rainer, ‘the harder you work the luckier you get’, and boy have we worked bloody hard for this home!

Again, Tony cheers from me to you and let’s catch up in a few weeks.

I can’t thank my friend Kara enough for referring me through to you –I think you might owe her a ‘referral fee’ as she loves to go shopping! Ha Ha

Kind regards
Melissa Maier
Wantirna Victoria