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From: John-Paul Grigg

By November 29, 2014 Testimonials No Comments

Hey Tony/Taryn,

well hopefully that’s it for a while with me and documents..

The bank have all my signatures now, and are forwarding the doc’s to Taree to have Mum sign her parts. All the rest of the paperwork is in place regarding settlements and house building contracts, and all that other stuff, council, rates,titles etc etc etc etc…

The bank has also sorted out my bank Account details, linking both loans to my one offset account and organised new cards too…

This note is more about a thank you to you both for making the process relatively stress free, and to also acknowledge that Aggie from Westpac Housing Loan manager in Merrylands was so impressed with the loan that was put together,  and to the caliber of people that had been used to help bring this loan together, she couldn’t stop raving about how well the documentation was presented.. So a big thank you from me to you..

Is there anything else that I should be keeping an eye out for, to come from you??

John-Paul Grigg