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First Home Buyers Frequently Asked Questions
First Home Buyers Grant – Sydney

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Our Mortgage brokers Australia is happy to advise you with the The FHOG scheme, this  is a national scheme funded by the Federal Government, but administered through each state or territory Revenue Office. The grant offers first home buyers $7,000 towards their first home.
In some states additional bonuses may be available. The First Home Owner Grant scheme is a one-off payment of  $7,000 to assist eligible first home owners with purchase or construction costs.Please call First Choice Mortgage Brokersto discuss your opportunities and for assistance in accessing the FHOG.

Please note that each state has different maximum property prices that you can consider before the first home owners grant isn’t applicable:

  • New South Wales: $835,000
  • Victoria $750,000
  • Queensland $750,000
  • Northern Territory $750,000
  • South Australia $575,000
  • Western Australia $750,000 or $1,000,000 (north of the 26th parallel)
  • Tasmania no limit
  • Australian Capital Territory $750,000
  • Please note that each state has different bonus concessions and grants if you would like to build a new home, for example, Victoria offers a $20,000 first home buyers grant if you build a newly constructed home in the metropolitan area’s up until June 2012. Please call First Choice Mortgage Brokers to discuss your options in more detail at  1800 111 455. We are the best mortgage brokers Australia wide.