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Best mortgage brokers Australia

How do I know if I am eligible for the First Home Owner Grant?
Best mortgage brokers Australia tip 1: As a basic rule, you are eligible if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, buying or building your first home buyers, Sydney Australia, with the intention of occupying it as yourprinciple place of residence within 12 months of the settlement and living in it continuously for at least 6

Best mortgage brokers Australia mortgage brokers

mortgage brokers Australia

months. Please note that if you are buying the property in conjunction with other people, they must also meet the first home buyers Sydney criteria for the grant to be eligible.
How do I apply for the grant?
Best mortgage brokers Australia tip 2: Our team at First Choice Mortgage brokers will assist you with the application. Usually the first home owners grant application is submitted whilst the loan is proceeding so that the funds are available for settlement of your home loan. In some cases the grant can be submitted post settlement and the funds deposited into your bank account. The best mortgage brokers Australia will assist you with the application and submit the forms on your behalf, this is part of our ongoing commitment to your first home buyers Sydney.  Call  1800 111 455