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"I would like to Thankyou and your staff very much over the last few months. The ladies have been pretty good dealing with the Commonwealth Bank and getting back to me, as it has been very frustrating at times and they have calmed me down. I have sent an email ..."

− From: Stella Miliatis

"Hahaha!! They are just the best to deal with. I am so glad I was given your companies number!With Thanks Angel Evans Customer Service "

− From: Angel Evans

"Tony and Anna, Cathryn and I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for all of your help during the process of purchasing our first home. From the start of our dealings, the first phone call that I received from Tony, I felt comfortable in dealing with you as the manner .."

− From: Leslie Elms

"Dear Tony Forgot to say thank you for the gift that you sent us. the timing was spot on as we had just moved in physically on the day We seemed to have fit the essentials into to our finances so thankfully we won't need to think about a further loan. Thank you ..."

− From: Simon Airey

"Thanks for all you help with this, Anna – we're really pleased! Warm regards, Elisabeth "

− From: Elisabeth Crawford

"Hi Barbara, Tony, Taryn and Kylie We had a lovely hamper arrive on our doorstep today! What a nice surprise – and a lovely gesture. Love it – can't wait to test out the champagne and choccies. Thank you for the gift – pleasure doing business with you guys – will ..."

− From: Sharon and Darren Quandt

"I spoke to Tony Bice ( mortgage consultant) about getting a mortgage for my new home as I was having trouble securing a loan due to my break up of my marriage. I was referred to CLS Investment Services by a friend. It was the best phone call I have ..."

− From: Suzanne Allen

"We cant tell you enough how happy we are to have dealt with you and your staff, Especially Lyndall . Thank you so much Extremely happy customer Kerry and Gary Foulis. "

− From: Kerry and Gary Foulis

"G'day Tony, Good to talk to you yesterday and thanks for your help with the new House. Tarryn, Lyndal and yourself have been a pleasure to deal with. Can you please fire through the breakdown of weekly cost for each of the four areas you outline below and which institution they would be with. ..."

− From: Neil Masters

"Dear Tony Thank you for your time today on the phone and the detailed discussion of our home loan status. Further to our conversation, Tim & I would like to pass on our congratulations to Barbara Mourga, on her extremely timely and professional help with our particular 'scenario'. We have bought (& ..."

− From: Melissa & Tim

"Hi Tony I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help...I picked up the keys this afternoon, very happy I have my own home! Kind Regards Christine Smits"

− From: Christine Smits

"Hi Tony After much thought we've decided that we're better off selling the flat as we wouldnt be able to keep it and buy another place so rather than keep putting money into something we're going to sell in 12 months, best to do it now and add to the equity ..."

− From: Bridie Read

"Hi Tony and team, Although belated, (I have been absent for the past 3 weeks) I would like to pass on our gratitude for the assistance you have provided with the purchace of our home. The gift basket was a lovely touch, and indicative of the personal customer service we have ..."

− From: Brad Pearson

"Hi there I know this has come a little late but we wanted to thank everyone there so much for all of the help you were able to offer us during our home purchase. We are loving our new home and were really thrilled that everything worked out ok with the ..."

− From: Avril and Mike

"Haha! Hmmm, marginally better, I certainly feel reassured that we technically only have one last hurdle to jump. Seeing the words 'not a guarantee' only gave me slight reason to stress :) You've been wonderful, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Not many people would be prepared to put up ."

− From: Kelly Pearson

"Hi Tony, My apologies for not getting back to you earlier this week as promissed. Danijela and I went through the life insurance documents and we realised that we need to have a proper chat with either yourself or Lyndal again regarding this matter. We made a list of questions that we need some ..."

− From: Serg and Daniella

"Dear Tony, Lyndal and Anna, Dane and I got home from work yesterday to find a little hamper from you, that was a lovely surprise - thank you so much! Thank you to your team for finding us a great homeloan and also sorting out our insurance. Your team has been excellent ..."

− From: Rhianna Murray

"Hi Stress Attack... How is your heart beat now? So happy to hear some good news for you... I was quietly confident.... but we dont cheer until it is in writing. Still have to wait for a good val in SA – great news they aren't doing a val on NSW – shows ..."

− From: Barb bmourga@bigpond.com

"Hi Tony and Taryn I received today a lovely congratulatory gift from both of you, which I thank you both for very much. Your excellence in professionalism, communication and assistance all the way through, with Taryn continually keeping me posted, alleviating my anxiety, and assisting to ensure that all was done in possibly one ..."

− From: Cheryl Bigini

"Thanks Tony, I appreciate all your help. J You have been fantastic, not sure what we would do without your help & advice. Kara Spokes | Sales Manager Retail | Home Magazine "

− From: Kara

"Hi Tony I really sorry I haven't written sooner but Ive been flat out working and renovating I haven't had time to scratch myself.I just wanted to say I really appreciate everything lyndal, anna and yourself did in regards to my loan and my finance protection. i was extremely happy with the service you provided "

− From: Michael Richards