Everything Sydneysiders Need to Know About Buying a Home During the Current Lockdowns

According to prominent property experts, the continuing Australian lockdowns will raise home prices. Investors are the significant source of demand here, as they are more prepared to put money down without seeing a home first.

The driving force for this change is because most prospective sellers are withdrawing their homes from the market in expectation of higher prices in the future after the lockdown, while other homeowners are not listing because of the lockdown.

In September, and for however long the Australian lockdowns last, there won’t be any quick property increases. There will be investors, but until additional homes are posted, first home buyers will suffer.

Since the Australian market is more competitive than ever, thanks to the current lockdowns causing fewer sellers to put their properties on the market. Now more than ever, Australians must hire a professional Australian mortgage broker to ensure they have the best chances possible to secure the home of their dreams.

Sydney’s Lockdown is Costing 1 Billion a Week!

According to The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Sydney is losing approximately $1 billion per week. At the same time, the Treasury has just revealed estimates that the countrywide lockdowns are costing the Australian economy around $3.2 billion per week.

The RBA noted a solid economic rebound following Australia’s recession last year, but mortgage brokers Sydney believe the current outbreaks and lockdowns will halt some of that momentum in the September quarter.

The significance of that decrease depends on how long the lockdowns last and whether there are further lockdowns elsewhere in Australia in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the lockdowns have directly impacted building activity in New South Wales, delaying certain investment plans.

Despite the property boom continuing, the COVID outbreaks that have left half of Australia’s population under lockdown are making sellers wary of selling their homes, and Sydney’s lengthened lockdown is expected to postpone its critical spring selling season.

While the current lockdowns will delay the start of the selling season in Sydney. But it is likely with the eventual end of lockdown; we will see the market well and truly make up for the lost time.

Therefore, Sydneysiders need to start making sure they develop a good connection with a leading mortgage broker in Sydney to give themselves the best head start possible when the market has more options available!

Mortgage brokers in Sydney have access to a network of local lenders as well as cutting-edge mortgage software that allows us to compare hundreds of different home loan programmes at once to get the best investment property loan for you. Furthermore, mortgage brokers Sydney are knowledgeable with the criteria of local lenders, local real estate agencies, and financial procedures for these sorts of interstate property mortgages.

Can I Visit a Sydney Mortgage Broker During a Lockdown?

Disclaimer: Visit the official NSW website for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 limitations in Sydney/New South Wales.

At First Choice mortgage brokers, we take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously and do everything we can to stop the spread. The majority of Sydney mortgage brokers are working from home. As a result, most mortgage broker Sydney consultations will be done virtually via Zoom and phone calls. With the remainder of the application requirements to be virtually sent through emails to your mortgage broker in Sydney.

How is a Mortgage Broker Sydney Better than a Bank?

Unlike a mortgage broker, a bank will limit the alternatives available to you and will not compare their offers to those of other lenders because they are rivals. As a result, anyone interacting with a bank will only get a one-sided perspective on a loan, and you can’t be sure you’re receiving the greatest offer.

On the other hand, our mortgage brokers Sydney give consumers looking for a house loan a lot more options and freedom. Mortgage brokers, unlike banks, provide individualised customer care and do not charge a fee for obtaining the best home loan for our clients! It’s a complimentary service.

Mortgage brokers also make the process of getting a house loan a lot easier than banks. Clients don’t have to cope with the complex procedures since mortgage brokers deal directly with preliminary assessments and loan lodgements. As a consequence, approval rates are significantly higher.

When dealing with a bank directly, keep in mind that they have the ability to deny you! This may get annoying if your loan procedure becomes more prolonged and repetitive. Don’t waste time; speak with a mortgage broker who will give you more options than your bank.

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