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Why is the Federal Government Keeping Such a Close Eye on the Housing Market?

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Concerns about household debt levels and the downturn of Chinese investing across Australia has prompted the federal government to focus more energy on the housing market. Mortgage brokers in Sydney are aware of these growing concerns and know why the government is keeping an eye on the housing market.

Recently, John Fraser, keynote speaker at the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Conference in Sydney, said that household debt has exponentially increased faster than household incomes in recent years.

The increase in debt could cause issues with borrowing and credit, especially under the new, tighter credit rules. Mortgage brokers know how to approach these concerns and can help borrowers address them, and assist buyers in paying off their mortgages faster. Philip Lowe, RBA governor, is seeking to gather data from banks related to the debt-to-income ratio of current borrowers. They are seeking to prevent unpaid loans and other debt.

The recent reduction in Chinese real estate investing across Australia threatens to affect the country’s economy, which only adds pressure to the issue of increased household debt in general. In general, foreign residential housing investments have fallen from 40,000 in 2015 and 2016 to 15,000 in 2016 and 2017. Strategies are being implemented to reduce the outflow of the capital from China’s real estate investments and maintain economic stability.

The interest in Chinese business investments remains strong in light of tighter credit rules across banking institutions. Moody recently lowered the credit rating from A1 to Aa3 for China hoping the financial strength of China may somewhat erode over the next few years. This is the first downgrade for China since 1989, and was virtually ignored by their government’s finance ministry.

Any concerns about paying off your mortgage and reducing your household debt can be addressed by talking to financial experts and reliable Mortgage Brokers in Sydney.

Don’t Let the Exaggerated Oversupply Commentary Prevent Investing

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A Look at Australia’s Housing Construction Cycle featured a recent research report by NAB Economics which stated that while the apartment construction pipeline is two times higher than historical norms across most states, most of the commentary related to these circumstances is “overly alarmist.” This industry is known for self-regulating its supply. Mortgage brokers in Sydney are following NAB predictions and forecasts in the coming two years, which point out the following.

NAB says, “Much has been made of emerging risks in the apartment market.” They also reported that some central business district apartment markets are already falling, but they believe this is mostly due to tougher credit rules, reduced construction capacity, and lower construction approvals, which diminish the rate of completed developments. Mortgage brokers can help with development loans in a variety of credit situations, which helps some borrowers get approved.

According to NAB, the apartment construction industry has demonstrated its ability to self-regulate supply in the past. This means there are likely some areas of the market that might experience excess supply, though lengthening the construction cycle often reduces risk of destabilsation in the market. The analysis from NAB shows the construction cycle could reach a peak sometime in 2018. The data analysed by NAB show that new projects could drop 13 per cent this year, 7 per cent in 2018, and 9 per cent by 2019.

NAB’s statistical models also predict that the large pipeline of current/ongoing projects will run down more slowly than the general commentary would suggest. NAB are forecasting a rise in dwelling construction of about 2 per cent in 2017, which may fall slightly to 1 per cent in 2018 and possibly rise to 3.5 per cent in 2019.

NAB states there are indicators that show the industry is already self-regulating dwelling supply. Approvals for construction have fallen from the peaks, but have not been as substantial as expected. There are signs of already approved projects taking longer to begin.

NAB predicts that we will most likely see longer construction cycles than previously believed. This will bring the industry’s peak level down, and help relieve concerns about oversupply.

Although prices for units have dropped a bit – and may appear unsteady – the above trends indicate that oversupply is unlikely.

Mark and Lauren Webb – Windsor NSW

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To the wonderful team at Finance Made Easy, (Tony, Kylie and Anna)

Mark and I were blown away by your generosity you have shown us with the delivery of our beautiful hamper.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your time, effort and professionalism in getting our loan across the line.

If was an absolute pleasure to work with each one of you and we wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you again for our lovely hamper, best wishes to you all.

Kind regards

Mark and Lauren Webb

Windsor NSW

Lauren – Lennox Head NSW

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To Tony and the Team at First Choice Mortgage Brokers

Thank you for my lovely hamper!!!!!!

It was a very kind and unexpected gesture – I will be sure to pass on your details to my friends and family.



Lennox Head NSW


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As you are aware I got my long-awaited approval today, we are very happy, my wife was actually in tears.

You and your team (particularly Susan), worked tirelessly in pursuit of this on my behalf and I really appreciate it.

I’m also fully aware that there has been some tension and stress throughout this process but as I’ve said previously, none of this was due to you or your team, it was the Banks lack of integrity when it came to standing by their word.

With that now behind us I just wanted to reinforce that I think you and the team have made this happen in a ‘not so textbook’ set of circumstances and some of this was my doing (offer before having finance approved).

But that is all behind us now and we would not hesitate to recommend you.



Linda and Barry Frost – Cherrybrook NSW

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Hi Tony, Olivia and the rest of the team at First Choice

Your gift basket arrived last night and I just wanted to say thank you! It was completely unexpected and very much appreciated.

On the weekend, we had a BBQ with Peter our son at the property he now owns – it was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you for doing what you said you would do – getting us a 30-year loan at a great interest rate.  It means that he can afford to live as well as pay off his new home.

I will certainly be pleased to recommend you to anyone needing a loan.


Linda and Barry Frost

Cherrybrook NSW

Rob Burakowski – Galston NSW

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Hi Sam and Michelle and the rest of the team at First Choice,

Just wanted to say thanks!

We settled on the Rouse Hill apartment yesterday., but we still haven’t quite finished unpacking but we’re extremely happy.

We have appreciated your friendly and always obliging help throughout this adventure so thank you!


Rob Burakowski

Galston NSW

Will and Vicky Londonderry NSW

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Hi Tony,


We received a wonderful Hamper this morning! I would like to THANK YOU!


William and I will sure be enjoying the lovely wine and chocolates this evening!


Once again thank you very much for the gift and your services with our loan and we will certainly be recommending you and your team to our family and friends.




Will and Vicky

Londonderry NSW


Scotty Newcastle NSW

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You’re a legend mate – thanks again for all your financial help and assistance!


I feel a little safer and protected now too thanks to you taking the time to sort out my superannuation and risk insurance etc.


Everything was setup ‘all over the shop’ before I started talking to you guys.


Everything you’ve done is greatly appreciated


Cheers Scotty

Newcastle NSW

Khaled Yagoona NSW

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Hi Tony,


First of all this email has been  a while coming but I have been typing this up every day to see how I am going to express this.


THANK YOU, From the bottom of my heart, to the staff of Finance made Easy  to Tony, Michelle, Sam and others involved in solving my financial debt I had.


Just turning 30, having those debts set me back in life where I was depressed, was not enjoying life, and the loss of my mother did not help my wounds. I still till this day can’t accept she is gone, but I am taking every day as it comes. I gave up on hope and life and it made me feel miserable.


These debts weren’t small amounts, they were large dollar values were I had no life, in supporting myself, and most importantly my family. I was the only income in the family, and there was times I would not want to go out, because of the limit amount of money I would have left because of all my debts piled up, and getting paid monthly did not help. I then took upon myself to pile on more debts, and getting more loans which did not help. I was afraid to answer calls, times would be off work because of too much thinking, and times I would not sleep.
I then seeked help.


I phoned you for assistance, and the first time we spoke you made me feel comfortable and made me realise that there is always a solution. There is always help and solutions in life, and all I had to do was express myself to you and tell you my problems.

What you did was something I will never forget, and I know this is part of your job, but you went above and beyond for me. You actioned my issues straight away, with the beautiful staff you have on board. From start to end, you never left me and always made sure I’m set, with my loan, and arrangement, and also the insurance paperwork to cover me. Even the financial advice as well I have taken on board so thank you.




What can I say about you? You’re a best friend I never had. I will always treasure you as a friend for life. You went above and beyond for me no matter what time of day it was, you would return my calls at any time of the day, assist me with my paperwork to get actioned ASAP. From settlement to filling out paperwork, from me meeting with the lawyers, you were always checking up on me and assuring me we’re getting to the finish line. And thank you for the guidance and advice you gave me on how to budget. It has really helped and I will be taking it on board.  You changed my life and that is something you should be proud of. You made me believe again.



Your work ethic for me as well will never be forgotten. You also would go out of your way to return my calls, emails and help me assist with my debts. You made me believe in myself and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You would action my emails, paperwork to your best work ethic and worked well with Michelle to get the job done. I also want to treasure you as a friend forever. You changed my life and made me happy.


To sum up, I would like to get you all a gift but I don’t know if you guys are in the same office at times or not. I would like to get Michelle & Sam a bunch of flowers to say thank you, and would like to be ensured they’re delivered to you guys. So maybe the office address is okay please confirm?


Tony, a nice bottle of expensive wine for you to say thanks. With you and your hard working team I want to reward you guys for a job well done and to celebrate.


Also thank you for the nice gift package form settlement. That was really nice of you guys.


I will definitely  recommend, anyone who needs financial advice to you guys because I do not have a FAULT or negative feedback to say about you guys.


Positive outcome

I am now enjoying life with my family, no debts, we are planning a holiday, and we go out again on weekends. We go to parks, dinners, and are happy family. I now have money in my pocket, and I can buy the things I couldn’t buy before.

Again thank you is not enough, but I’m happy again and DEBTTTTTTT FREEEEEEE. Thank you TONY AND YOUR TEAM.




Yagoona NSW